Pure Shanda -

Meet the Owners!

Hello! My name is Lashanda Scott and I am a co-owner of Pure Shanda products!! I am gonna start writing blog posts to discuss/document the process of entrepeuneurship! My husband (Tyshaun Scott) and I are the owners and operators of Pure Shanda. A little bit about us I (Lashanda Scott) was born and raised in Anson County North Carolina. Its a small town around 1 hr and 15 mins away from Charlotte NC! I moved to Greensboro to pursue college at UNC-Greensboro. I graduated with a biology and chemistry degree and I currently work full time at a Toxicology lab where I research/detect trends in drug consumption. It was in Greensboro where I met my husband and owner Tyshaun Scott! We are recent newlyweds (3-16-2019) and have been together for 3 years. I love him so much! He is an amazing husband and I am so blessed!

I actually accidentally stumbled upon being an entrepeneur. Around this time last year I developed eczema on my neck and it got really bad. I did not want to go to the doctor because I knew that they were going to prescribe me something with chemicals in it. Obviously I was trying to avoid that option so I just ignored it for a couple of weeks until my husband encouraged me to make something that could fix the problem. That's how I found out about Aloe Vera! I absolutely love Aloe Vera! It has been so kind to my sensitive skin which is the reason why we created a business out of it!

We started with just Pure Aloe Vera Oil, which is what I applied everyday on my eczema patch and the product list grew from there! I am so happy that we have stumbled upon this blessing because it gives me peace of mind knowing that i'm not absorbing toxic chemicals in my body.