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Avocado Mask (The 10 MINUTE MASK!!)

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AVOCADO! Our new avocado mask is great if you have uneven skin tone or dark spots! Avocado's are rich in Vitamin K, folate, and Vitamin C! The carotenoids in this product works ideally to remove any uneven skin discoloration or pigmentation!

Made with Aloe and Avo this mask is a must have to add to your skincare routine! Use with our Wrinkle Cream and you'll be on your way to naturally even skin!


Instructions: Apply to clean skin after exfoliation. Rinse face after application. Keep product refrigerated for longer use!

*Do not use if you are allergic to Aloe Vera or Avocado

*Consult with doctor before use if pregnant

 *Available in 2.3 oz